I am a Pan-African universal creative with a deep seated passion for the visual medium, specifically film, written word and photography. That’s fancy for ‘I’m a Black Film Director and I love art’, ha-ha.

Zen The Master Director Photographer Writer Editor Producer

Takunda Aaron Chimutashu aka Zen the Master is a Film Director, Writer, Photographer and Pan African with a background in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Social leadership. He is currently working as the co-founder, COO and resident Film Director of award-winning production house Visual Sensations Media. As a self-titled “Universal Creative” Zen loves to explore art in all its forms and seeks to investigate all the amazing ways art can influence and inspire our society for the better.


Having acquired an Honors Degree in Mechatronic Engineering at University and explored his passion for social leadership through volunteering at Harare City Junior Council for nearly a decade (Initially as the Junior Mayor of Harare ad subsequently as a Respectable Junior Alderman), Zen found himself still hungry to learn and expand. It was through this hunger and the subsequent journey to sate it that he found himself on film sets doing technical jobs like being set engineer or a grip. Witnessing films and TV shows being made created a deep and powerful passion for Filmmaking in him and set off his journey to becoming a full time film director.


Although Zen had always been a good writer, it wasn’t until he began writing for his own films that he truly blossomed as a script writer. It was during this time that he also grew into an avid photographer.

At the core of Zen’s growth were the principles of Pan-Africanism. All this combined means Zen’s greatest desire is to foster the creation of a vibrant and diverse Film and art industry that spans the African continent and Diaspora, allowing artists to live off of their passion and for previously ignored stories from the African perspective to hit the mainstream.

I think that’s why I love film so much. Every film is, in my opinion, a monumental testament to humanity’s unimaginable potential through cooperation! I am because we are. Alone I can take a beautiful picture or write a fancy worded essay, but together, the ideas we express through our art can cause actual tangible change that our society so desperately needs.

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