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Cinema has long held the incredible ability to simplify complex ideas. Through the power of films, we can travel to other countries and gain insight into everything from culture to socio-political realities, all from the comfort of our seats. Through this medium, countries like South Africa show foreigners the truth about their nation, known globally for its journey from a racist hellscape to a prime example of African enterprise.


With the racist Apartheid regime in the past, South Africa has grown into a rainbow nation that, to date, serves as a shining beacon of possibility in the southern African region. Through characters such as Leleti Khumalo’s Sarafina (Sarafina, 1992) and Morgan Freeman’s Mandela (Invictus, 2009) the world has learned about the heroic sacrifices and deliberate mending that created the nation. READ MORE


The Immortal African

It’s 2007. The economy of Zimbabwe has truly fallen apart. The government assures its people that the way forward is to slash zeros off a

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The World Has Ended

The world has ended. Whatever we thought we would achieve has gone up in smoke. The potential. The possibilities. All that hope. All that talk

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Zen’s Gallery

These pictures are selected from Zen’s Personal collection and featured as a method of journaling his experiences. Each picture holds a well of meaning and sentiment and each gallery display exhibits a different aspect of the journey of Life.