“Can you imagine being able to connect with a moment, ages after it occurs? That’s the insanity of Photographs and I freaking love it!”-

Join your fellow travelers on the journey to finding your inner photographer. Whether you’re taking pictures as a hobby, or pursuing an actual career in taking pictures, the traveler’s club is the perfect place to grow and sharpen your skills!
Takunda Aaron Chimutashu
Zen The Master

For only $6 a month, you get...

Let’s Share

Share your pictures and get lessons, tips and tricks from Zen and your fellow travelers on how to level up your photography game. Use the unique Zen approach to do away with big fancy words and delve deep into the fun parts of creating art and getting better pictures from any device!


Get first preference for all physical gallery events and a chance to preview all online galleries before they go up. Also, get a chance to have your pictures featured in the galleries!


YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Participate in the curation of Zen’s Photos for the quarterly Magazine and get access to the magazine at a massive discount! Plus stand a chance to have your own pictures featured in the magazine!

Photo Trip

Stand a chance to win a photo trip with Zen! Accompany him on a day of exploration, taking pictures and fun as you grow your abilities side by side!

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