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Real- Short Film

A short film that asks “what makes us real” through the experiences of BOT, an android grappling with its humanity and purpose all whilst its creator struggles to stay sane in spite of his tragic past.

#Equality- Short Film

In a world where women and men's traditional roles are not only reversed, but enforced by agents of cancel culture, a couple must survive a grueling interview to decide their fate in the sensitive climate.


Get ready for a gallery experience that takes you on a journey into the mind and heart of Zen as he displays his heart for the very first time in public.

Afro Tribe- magazine

Get informed, entertained and enlightened in one read with this magazine featuring the adventures of Zen and a carefully curated collection of articles, stories and photographs.

1000 miles from here- Film

Two strangers separated by thousands of miles find themselves embedded deep into each other’s minds and hearts as they come to terms with and fight against their persona flaws and shortcomings

Through the torn veil- Animation

Animation shorts that explore elements of humanity through characters in fantastical lands that are mind bendingly different but strikingly similar to our own.

Age of Waste - Series

AGE OF WASTE is a series that follows the lives of TERRY, an apathetic man suffering from PTSD, TADI an injured and vulnerable girl with a dark mission and SAMARITAN a mighty female warrior burdened with empathy; who live in a post-apocalyptic Zimbabwe, rendered desolate by a crippling global water shortage. Their missions crash into each other as Terry takes it upon himself to get his mysterious companion (Tadi) home, Samaritan chooses to leave her ruthless ways in favor of her empathetic side and Tadi must deceive them both to lure Terry to his death to save her people.